For the Love of Birds

Loving birds (parrots, mostly) is not something you choose to do. It is a way of life, one that only a select few can live by. Once you catch the disease, so to call it, everything must change. More on that at a later time, but I AM a Bird Lover.




Ok.  Some rules about loving parrots and keeping them.  1.  Wear no jewelry you don’t want the  bird to destroy and/or eat, then you have a several thousand dollar vet bill.  2.  No perfume, parrots’ lungs cannot handle certain scents and perfume is one of many.  3.  Never – Never – Never cook in the same house as a parrot with non-stick cookware.  It can either make them sick or kill them immediately (another possible several thousand dollar vet bill).  4. Do not wear  clothing with  buttons, unless you want to expose yourself,  because your parrot will love biting buttons off your clothes.  5.  Keep a special parrot t-shirt to wear at all times you are handling your feathered friend.  Something about sticking their beaks throught t-shirts turns them on. 6.  Never, never try to force a parrot to do anything he/she doesn’t want to do.  A parrot is born with certain likes and dislikes and you will  be very fortunate if you ever change it’s mind.  7.  Never leave anything a parrot can tear up within it’s reach, even from it’s cage, and never ever think a parrot cannot reach very,  very far out of the bars of the cage to reach something to tear up. 8.  Do not spend more than you can afford to throw into the wind on a special parrot toy that you are just sure your guy will love.  The purpose of parrot toys is to give them something to destroy.  Period.  But, you absolutely “Must” keep that same parrot’s cage full of new and exciting toys or it will get bored and destroy the cage or some thing else it can reach from it’s cage.      9.  Never, Ever leave your parrot out of it’s cage unattended unless you do not care about any of your furniture, window coverings, bedspreads, carpets, sheetrock or other wall coverings, mattresses, anything wood, anything cloth, plastic, paper or anything else you have.  Just like toys, parrots think everything is for destroying.  10.  No candles, no room fresheners, no spray deodorizors, just get used to the fact that your home with even one parrot is going to stink.  The  very best it can smell is of bleach or vinegar.  Get used to it.  11.  Be prepared to either walk on seeds and pellets all the time, or keep a broom and dust pan, vacuum cleaner, or some type of cleaner close to cage(s) at all times and plan to spend most of your time cleaning up after these creatures.  On this same note, never pay any attention when one of your parrots is deliberately flinging good, fresh foods all over the floor and walls, if they get attention for doing so, they will enjoy doing it just that much more.  In case you do not want to be constantly cleaning the floor, be sure to always wear either socks or shoes……..those little seeds and pellets hurt !!!  12.  Always warn people who may come into your house if you happen to have a talking bird.  A talking  bird can scare the crap out of a unsuspecting person.  13.  I will stop for now at the unlucky number 13, but I will write more later, when I feel like it again.

Please do not let any of this make you think I don’t love my parrots.  At last count I had something between 15-20 birds in my home and I love them very much,  but I thank God above that my mother lives two states away and is too old to travel to my house.  I always am happy to see her at her house, not mine.  I have to go, one of the parrots is headed for the top of another parrot’s cage. which can mean a toe  either bitten off or injured, which can mean a several thousand dollar vet  bill.



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